What Am I Doing?!

I can honestly say I’m not for sure what I’m doing with a blog but I’m hoping it will evolve as I continue down this path.  I sort of was inspired by a friend who told me when she needs an opinion on something [like a product or a restaurant] she asks me because I have such a strong opinion.  Right or wrong, I do have strong opinions but don’t we all to a certain extent?  If you try a new restaurant and you really liked the food, don’t you express how much you really liked the food to a friend when it comes up in a conversation?  Or if a new mascara comes out and you tried it to see if it would give you the long, thick, natural looking lashes that the commercial said it would but instead it left you with huge clumps of something unnatural.  Wouldn’t you warn your friends to stay away from that mascara?  I would!  So, I guess that’s my point…I want to have a place to share my opinions to those who are interested.  However, I do want to keep this blog and my opinions positive or at least give it a positive spin.  I’m not interested in bad mouthing someone’s business.  There’s enough negativity in this world, I don’t want to add to it.

My husband and I have decided to (slowly) try to become homesteaders.  I included the word slowly because we know we can’t do it all at once and we’re not sure how much we want to do on our homestead.  We do know that we want to learn as much as we can as we slowly go along.  I don’t know if homesteading is the new fad but I truly have an interest in wanting to be successful at it and continue with it until physically I can no longer do it.  I want to teach what I learn to my kids so that hopefully some day they will have their own homestead.  Why homesteading, you may ask?  It’s simple – we want to be self reliant and healthier.  I want to know the food I give to my family.  I want to know if that food is nutritious or poisonous and the best way to know 100% sure is if it comes from my homestead.  I’m thinking I might share some of this experience as well, in case you were interested.



My faith in Jesus Christ is the most important thing in the world.  Without Christ there is no goodness, no mercy, no love…no hope.  Because Christ chose to die on the cross for the entire world there is goodness, there is mercy, there is love and there is hope to those who make that decision and believe.  I want to share thoughts, movies, verses from the Bible or books that have inspired me.  We all like to be inspired or encouraged, right?

Family is the next important thing to me.  My husband Glenn and I have been married for 20 years and we’re still in love!  I have two kids AJ, who’s 14 years old and Lexy, who’s 11.  A high schooler and a junior high schooler.  Where has the time gone?  Life isn’t always easy for us but we stick together and do our best to give each other grace and remember that no one is perfect.

As I wrap up my first post, which is already longer than I thought it would be (I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to say), I hope you my reader (however many or few of you there will be) will extend grace to me on so many levels.  I do all right on spelling and my punctuation is ok.  I’m not a very eloquent speaker or writer.  I’m not a professional at anything I will be doing or saying in this blog nor do I claim to know it all.  As a follower of Christ I will fail you at sometime in how you think I should act, speak or write.  I try to be a good friend but I fall short sometimes. I’m not a perfect wife. I’m not the best mom.  I’m me.  I like me.  I’m always striving to be a better me.  I hope you will enjoy all that I want to share that’s on my heart whether it’s my opinions (I’m thinking about calling those segments Jodie Says), how the homestead is coming, my faith, recipes or just life…I hope it encourages you.

From My Little Piece of Homestead,



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