Ulta Customer Service was Ultra Good

Today I went to Ulta to get some hairspray. This is not a store I shop frequently (I have nothing against them, I just don’t shop there very often) but I’m leaving for the weekend and I was out of hairspray and I NEED hairspray.  I was considering going to a big box store but chose Ulta instead because I was looking to price out some particular products that I hadn’t noticed in the “other” store.

So I marched in the store acting like I knew where I was going (I didn’t but I knew I just had to look for the hair product section) and wouldn’t you know I found my first of 4 products I wanted to scope out.  Keep in mind I’ve never tried these products before but I’ve heard other people with gorgeous hair talk about how much they loved these products…so I’ve got to try them for myself in hoping my hair will be gorgeous.  First up was a hairspray.  There were two sizes, the smaller size was obviously cheaper and would’ve been good to try out BUT the bigger one’s price also came with a FREE trial of dry shampoo!  Well, of course I want to try some of their other products so I got the bigger can of hairspray.  Next onto a texture volumizer and Perfect hair Day styling treatment.  Volumizer and Perfect hair Day – need I say more?  These two products were from the same company and they also were offering a free item with a $24 purchase!  How can I say no to being able to try another product?  I can’t!  This is it, forget about the 4th item, I can NOT spend anymore money.

Now that I have my 3 products in hand, I’m searching for my free items…  A lovely employee must have seen my puzzled look on my face and asked if I needed help finding something.  I told her I was looking for my free items that I would get with my purchase.  She kindly told me that they kept those up at the register.  Great!  I thanked her and walked excitedly up to the register to pay for my items and get my 2 FREE items.  The cashier named Morgan smiled politely at me and rang up my 3 items.  As she was putting my items in my bag I told her that one of the other employees told me that my free items were here at the register.  She confirmed that they were there behind her in the closed cupboards.  Morgan went to each cupboard and opened it but didn’t take anything out.  Then she went through them all over again and still didn’t take anything out.  Oh no!  I’m thinking they must not have anymore.  If they don’t have them then I’m getting the smaller can of hairspray and I’m putting the styling treatment back.

I watch Morgan contact one of her employees on her cool little walkie-talkie asking about my FREE items. Whoever was on the other end of that walkie talkie did not have good news for me on my free items, I just knew it.  Once Morgan was done talking and listening to her walkie-talkie she said that they were all out of the free items that I qualified for.  Nooooo! But, there was a but…she said she could give me some other free items. I’m still really disappointed but I’m a little interested in what the other free items would be.  So I asked her what items would it be.  She pulled open all those cupboards again and starts pulling items from them.  She gets me a can of spray & play hairspray, a natural detangler, a dry shampoo and an organic hairspray.  I’m pleased but I’m not wanting to show that I’m completely satisfied because I really did want those original products.  I said okay and thank you with a little smile as she puts them in my bag.  Of course I know this is not her fault or Ulta’s fault, no one can control or predict how much free product they will need.

Next the employee that Morgan must have been talking to on her walkie-talkie comes up to her and hands her one of my original FREE products that she found somewhere in the building.  Morgan comments to the employee about finding one and sticks that in my bag too!!!  Woo hoo!

My  FREE Items (the one to the right was one of the items I was supposed to get anyways).img_17121

I have to say that was one of the best, no the ultra best customer service I have ever experienced.  I walked away with 5 FREE items with my purchase.  Good customer service keeps me coming back and makes me spread the word – so go buy stuff from Ulta.  So I will be going back again soon to my Bangor Ulta.  Thank you Ulta and thank you Morgan for providing ultra customer service!


If my hair ends up gorgeous I’ll do another Jodie Says and tell you exactly what these products are that I purchased.

From My Little Piece of Homestead,




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