Giving Back Times Two

I am a bargain shopper!  I love the best deals I can get and I will search high and low to make sure I’m getting the best deal.  However, I came across a really good deal that seemed too good to be true and I had to find out for sure.

It’s November, it’s Maine and as a native here we know what’s just around the corner…winter.  With winter comes cold, snow, and ice.  The combination of those three things makes for some pretty slippery roads.  For this mom I put studded snow tires on our family vehicle.  Now mind you, studded snow tires does not guarantee an accident free adventure on the slippery roads but going slowly and having those studded tires makes it a lot easier.

Planning for winter means I need to schedule to get my snow tires on.  I have them, I bought them last year but it costs money to get the regular tires (I think they are actually called all season tires but trust me, you do NOT want to use those for our Maine winters) off my rims and put my snow tires on the rims.  I know this cost is going to be at least $40 and probably closer to $60.  I know to some of you that is not a big deal but at this moment in time it is a big deal for my family.  You know how it goes when your water heater breaks and you have to rob Peter to pay Paul.  To say the least we are in a bit of a financial squeeze and every penny is needed.  It can get stressful but I know my God will provide.


I received a promotional flyer in the mail a week ago and it was from my car repair place, Bangor Auto & Truck Center.  They had sent me a promotion of so much money off for your purchase of snow tires.  I already had my snow tires so didn’t need that. But they had another promotion as well, if you already had your snow tires…they would put them on for free if you donated food for the local pantry.  They are going to put my snow tires on for free if I bring some food for the food pantry?  There had to be a catch.  I called up Bangor Auto & Truck and told them I got their flyer in the mail and I already had my snow tires and if I just gave them some food for the local pantry are you going to put my snow tires on for free?

“Yes,” said the man who answered my call.

Unwilling to accept this as his final answer I kept on him, “Is there a catch or fee that I’m missing?”

“No, ma’am.  You donate food for our local pantry and we’ll put your snow tires on for free.”

Still in shock but knowing my God just provided I stuttered over my words back to him, “g-g-great!  Now I just need to figure out a time that I can get my vehicle to you.”

He replied, “if you’re in Hermon we can pick it up for you.”

What?!  My tires put on my rims and on my vehicle for free AND they are going to pick up my vehicle and drop it back off all for some food to help others!  Yes, yes, I work in Hermon one day a week sign me up, please.  With my bag of food in my passenger side seat and a thank you note to this great place they came and picked up my vehicle, swapped out my tires, and brought it back to me. There just isn’t enough businesses with this kind of customer service that this place offers.  I have had my inspection done here.  I’ve had my vehicle worked on at this place when something was wrong with it.  Every single time I’ve come to Bangor Auto & Truck Center I’m always a happy, satisfied customer.  They always provide great customer service but for me in my time of need, that they didn’t even know about, went beyond the usual great customer service.  Not only were they helping to collect food for their local food pantry, they helped a family in a financial struggle.

Thank you God for always providing and thank you Bangor Auto & Truck Center for helping more then just the families in your local area but also helping this family without even realizing it.  I highly recommend Bangor Auto & Truck Center for all your vehicle needs as I will continue to go to them for my vehicle needs.

When you go there tell them My Little Piece of Homestead said thank you!

From My Little Piece of Homestead,






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