Preparing For What’s Next

Yes, it’s still February and today was an unusually but welcomed warm day I can’t help but start looking ahead to my homestead.  One of those things is my garden.  I’ve saved seeds from my garden last year and I’m also getting new seeds this year.  We are going to expand our garden both physically and add a couple more items for us to grow.  But it’s still February and the ground is still covered in snow…so I’m reading up on crop rotation, which we have never done before but I understand the benefits of it now.  Plus, I’ve figured out what type of chickens I want to have and am still hoping that I will get my coop this year but we will see.  So as I plan a little more on what we’re going to plant and where we will plant it and dreaming of my chicken coop, here’s some other planning that I think is beneficial in looking and preparing for what’s next in the homestead journey by Charlotte Walker at the WalkerLand Canadian Homesteading: Eat Really Well on a Tight Budget.  I’m hoping someday my pantry will look like hers.  Read and learn from Charlotte’s post as it has good tips that I have already been putting into action in small steps and would recommend anyone to start planning now.


From My Little Piece of Homestead,




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