The Unexpected

Recently I was at my local grocery store, actually I went to a couple of the same grocery store chains over a period of a week and was surprised that they were super low on a lot of their produce.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the produce shelves so bare in the grocery store in my entire life.  Apparently there was a fire in one of their warehouses, according to a note posted in their stores.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1)

This is exactly one of those unexpected things in life that you can’t plan for but that’s what I’m trying to prepare for…the unexpected of our food supply in the grocery stores.  The fire was a mechanical problem and seemed to have involved a truck that caught fire at the warehouse and then caught another truck on fire as well as some damage to the bays at the warehouse.  Thankfully no one was hurt.  This happened in my state and the number of stores that were affected and how quickly things can be gone in a short period of time really makes you think.

What if this had not been a freak accident?  What if it had been malicious?  What if truck drivers decided to go on strike?  What if our economy collapsed?  What if our nation was attacked in a devastating way?  Are you prepared to feed your family for awhile or do you know how to grow your own food?  It was such a great reminder as to why I’m trying to learn and grow and can my own food.  Now, mind you I’m not silly enough to think I can grow all the produce I need year around – my Maine climate won’t allow that.  However, I am trying to do all that I can do, with the time and resources I have to learn and grow what I can and prepare for the unexpected.  It was nice to show my kids a real life example of why we learn and prepare now because you don’t know what unexpected thing could come and bring even less food in the future.

I have started my onions, tomatoes and marigolds under an indoor greenhouse.  It’s going ok.  I do have some onions and tomatoes that have come up and I just noticed tonight that 2 of my marigolds have come up!  It’s a learning process but it’s a start for my first time growing plants indoors and some of those were from my seeds that I saved from last year!  Yay, me!

I’m trying to take just one seed at a time and learn and go from there and build on.  Even if my “crop” dies, I will still have learned something about them…what not to do next time.  But I’m hoping I can keep them alive until I can plant them in the ground!  So, I am trying to prepare for the unexpected…whether it is a warehouse fire, natural disaster or whatever, I don’t want to be dependent on the grocery store to provide food for family.  I want to be in control of providing for my family’s food.  I want to be self-reliant.  How about you?

From My Little Piece of Homestead,



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