The Search for a Kayak

As the weather gets warmer I long to be at a lake.  I want to glide across a peaceful, glass-looking lake on my kayak.  Wait, I don’t have a kayak!  For years my husband and I dreamed about having kayaks.  It was a dream that came out of wonder of what we would do after the kids were gone.  Our plan was to get kayaks, even though neither one of us had ever been on a kayak before.  We had been in a canoe before…needless to say it did not go well and we didn’t get very far and my husband said never again.

Last year for our 20th wedding anniversary we bought our first kayak!  We had been keeping an eye out for a kayak and watched prices.  We could only afford one and we decided to get a bigger one so that our dog Chloe could ride on it too.  We decided to stop into Maine Sport Outfitters because we had stopped there in the past to look around and remembered they had a lot of kayaks.  Plus a bonus for this location was that they had a pond where you could try out a kayak before you bought it.  We thought we could make the decision on our own but we didn’t really know what we were doing.  So, we finally let one of the sales guys help us…wishing we had done it sooner to save time.  The sales guy was very informative and not at all pushy.  We just told him what we kind of wanted and based on our needs and wants he made a recommendation for the Ocean Kayak Scrambler, which is a sit on top.  My husband tried out the Scrambler and liked it, so we bought it.


After we purchased this kayak, I was telling a girlfriend of mine, who had her own kayak, about our recent purchase of the Scrambler.  I conveyed my dilemma about how I want to get one sometime in the future but I wasn’t sure if I wanted a sit on top or sit in kayak.  For various reasons she had convinced me that I should get a sit in kayak.  So, I kept that in the back of my mind for when I would be ready to buy a kayak for me.

I did not get to try out the kayak my husband bought until over a month later plus a friend of ours had a sit in kayak that I tried as well.  Let me tell you – I fell in love with my husbands sit on top kayak!  I thought for sure I would want a sit in one like my girlfriend had suggested, who by the way is very knowledgeable about these things, but nope my mind was definitely made up after trying both kayaks.

This past weekend I was excitedly ready to buy my kayak.  I had saved my money and was ready to buy.  We had such a great experience and paid a good price for my husbands kayak last year that we decided to go back to Maine Sport Outfitters to get mine.  Now, I knew I wanted an Ocean Kayak because my husband’s was awesome and they are sit on top kayaks.  I had already done some research on what MSO had in stock for kayaks and they had a Venus and a Caper.  I did more research in comparing the two with the reviews that people wrote about each kayak.  I love reading other people’s reviews on products, it can be very informative!  In this case I couldn’t decide on which one based on people’s reviews.  I needed to try these two kayaks out.

In the store I found both the Venus and the Caper.  I sat in them both, in the store, trying to see if there was something I liked better about just sitting in it.  I was really liking the Venus – it’s made specifically for women and I loved how comfortable my legs and feet felt in it.  I like to kayak barefoot and I struggle a little with my husbands Scrambler because of that bone that sticks out just below my ankle as it hurts sometime depending on where I put my feet in his kayak.  The Caper didn’t allow me to stretch my legs out all the way without bothering my ankle bones.  I’m thinking I like the Venus better and by this time Andrew, the great sales guy, came over and talked to us a little about both kayaks – not pushy, just giving us info – that’s what I like.  I told him I was ready to try them both out and he was happy to get them to the pond for us.

Now there were other customers who needed Andrew’s help so he turned us over to Jordan, who was awesome at talking to me about my concerns.  I tried the Venus first excited that this was probably going to be the one…but immediately I felt I had to put more effort into balancing.  My husband’s Scrambler was stable and didn’t have that feel of trying to balance and I liked that and wanted that stableness out of the Venus.  I made a couple of loops around the pond just hoping to finalize that this was the one but I wasn’t completely sold.  I let Jordan know my concerns and he talked me through the pros and cons.  As a woman, there’s a lot of things I don’t know or understand because truthfully certain things I just don’t care to know.  But I appreciated Jordan’s conversation with me with the questions I asked because he didn’t talk down to me and just gave me straight, uncomplicated answers.

As it was time to switch over to the Caper, Jordan let me know that I would feel more stable in the Caper.  As I was pushed off the little docking area I immediately felt more stable and maybe it was just my imagination but I felt I could move over the water better and get farther with my strokes.  I was liking the Caper a lot more than the Venus.  The only thing left was that I couldn’t stretch my legs out all the way without it hurting my ankle bones, now with my knees slightly bent my feet and ankles were comfortable.  When I expressed this concern with Jordan, he said that my knees should be slightly bent when kayaking because it was better for my back.  I did not know that but that made sense.  SOLD!  I loved it!IMG_0845

If you are looking for a kayak go to Maine Sport
Outfitters in Rockport.  The customer service is
awesome & knowledgable, the prices are awesome – both of our kayaks were “blemished” (we can’t find where) so they were at a lower price than usual and you get to try it before you buy it.  Talk to the sales people and let them know what you are looking for and what your needs and concerns are because they will steer you in the right direction.

IMG_1828The day after buying my kayak my family and I went over to our friends’ camp where I was able to glide across a peaceful, glass-looking Schoodic Lake on my new Ocean Kayak Caper.  A dream fulfilled for my husband and I – we have kayaks and the kids are still here!

From My Little Piece of Homestead,



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