I’m JodieLMW and I live in a small town in central Maine.  I married the love of my life, Glenn, 20 years ago (that sounds like a long time ago but it really doesn’t seem that long).  We have two awesome kids AJ and Lexy, who we are so proud of.  We have a dog named Chloe (she is definitely part of our family).  We are followers of Christ (yeah, you can call us Jesus freaks…we’re proud of that).  My husband and I decided earlier this year that we wanted to become homesteaders for simplicity, self reliance and health.  Who doesn’t think about a simpler life?  I think about it all the time!  Anyways, I enjoy talking about what I’m passionate about.  I like sharing what I’ve learned or tried whether it’s a new restaurant, a cool gadget, how I’m coming on my homestead or a yummy recipe that my family enjoyed.  I just hope to be an encouragement…

From My Little Piece of Homestead